Bodies, Necks & Headstocks

Structural repairs and restorations for guitars old and new

There’s nothing worse than that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you put that first ding in your guitar, knock it off its stand, or accidentally poke the headstock up into a ceiling fan (yes, this has actually happened…).

Fortunately, Raymond and his incredibly well-equipped workshop can solve most of these problems, no matter how severe they might seem at first.

As both an experienced luthier and an engineer in a previous life, Raymond has an almost surgical eye for detail and workmanship. So whatever disaster you’ve suffered, you’re in safe hands.

Common structural repairs we carry out include:

  • Broken necks and headstocks
  • Severe Body dings and cracks
  • Cracked tops (acoustics and hollow bodies)
  • Cracked or loose braces (acoustics and hollow bodies)

For new pickup installation, re-routing bodies and other repairs and modifications, please see our Hardware and Electronics Services and Custom Shop.

Drop by the Guitar Centre at the Gabba or call on 3392 3821 for more info!


The time and effort it takes to fix these kinds of problems can vary hugely, so we usually do a free inspection and quote first, then, give you a figure.

If you’d like to discuss your guitar in person with Raymond, you can do so on Saturday mornings at the Guitar Centre at the Gabba. Please ring ahead on 3392 3821 to make sure you don’t miss him!

Hourly rate repairs are priced at $80 per hour plus GST and the cost of any parts used.