Fret Work

Resurfacing, re-levelling, crowning and re-fretting

If you’re noticing dead spots along your fretboard where notes buzz out or don’t sound, then some fretwork might be in order. Most times, even new guitars (straight from the factory) have Frets that are not perfectly level or in line.

Worn frets can be pretty easy to spot, appearing as flattened grooves, but if some areas of your fretboard aren’t playing properly, it could be a combination of raised frets, worn frets and poorly set action.

When you bring your guitar in for a set up, we’ll usually check the fret heights for any inconsistencies, and if it’s only a little bit of levelling that needs to be done, we’ll often just do it for a small cost increase or if a full resurface is required, I’ll call you to give you a heads up on benefits and price and of course, your permission to “Go Ahead”.

Our different fret services include:

Refretting (not always required with worn frets. Sometimes only a fret re-level is needed)

  • Fingerboard levelling (sanding the fretboard flat to remove bow or twist)
  • Refretting (removing old frets and replacing them)

Fret Re-Levelling  (always done in conjunction with re-fretting but more often done to re-level worn or uneven frets that still have sufficient life as to not require a complete re-fretting)

  • Fret levelling (using a perfectly flat file or emery paper on a box section length to make sure all frets are the same height)
  • Fret crowning (using a radiused, diamond crowning file to re-establish a perfectly “round” top on the levelled frets to ensure the played note is located in the centre of the fret and not at the leading or trailing edge of the fret as is often the case with worn and grooved frets) This is probably the most important operation and often overlooked by backyard butchers.
  • Sanding of filed frets to remove rough scratches made by the filing and crowning
  • Fret polishing (machine with buffing wheels used to produce a high quality polish and mirror finish shine to frets to remove the fine scratches left by fine sanding. These perfectly polished frets make bending a breeze as strings can now slide effortlessly to achieve perfect notes)

Your neck could need any combination of these repairs, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask the crew at the Guitar Centre when you drop your guitar off.

Please Note:- Due to increased demand during this period, turnaround time has increased somewhat.. Staff will give you some indication when you drop your guitar off but we will always endeavour to return your guitar as. soon as we can.

We know how hard it is being without a beloved instrument, so we do our best to turn each job around as quickly as possible,4 to 10 days, occasionally less. For a simple fret dress (levelling and crowning) this is usually possible, but if your frets or fingerboard are significantly damaged, we might need to keep your guitar for longer.

Raymond will always call to let you know if your guitar will need to be in the shop for longer than the quoted time.

Drop by the Guitar Centre at the Gabba or call on 3392 3821 for more info!

Fret Re-levelling Prices:- (from $260.00 plus GST and strings, includes Set Up)

More information to come….

Complete Re-fretting:-

On Acoustic and Electric guitars with rosewood fretboards with bolt-on necks (from $600.00 plus GST and strings, includes re-levelling and Set Up)

Set Neck Acoustic and Electric Guitars, eg Gibson Les Paul Studio / ES 335: – without binding. $650.00 plus GST and strings, includes re-levelling and Set Up.

Please enquire about Maple fretboard and necks with binding (undercut Tangs)

Stainless Steel and EVO Gold (bronze) fret wire is also available in various sizes. Fretwork sizes need to be discussed depending on your playing styles and preferred feel.

More information to come….