Custom Shop

Your dream guitar built to your exact spec

There’s nothing better than the first time you pick up a guitar that is built exactly as you want it: your body shape and finish, your neck profile, your pickups, your action… your dream guitar.

Raymond has been making this dream come true for decades. Having worked under the tutelage of Master Luthier Chris Kinman early in his guitar-building career, Raymond counts as his peers such respected Australian luthiers as Chris Melville and Gary Albrecht.

In our Custom Shop, perfection is the key. If it’s not perfect, it’s not ready.

Take a look at some of our work!

One-off designs

$ – Please call to discuss

Raymond will work with you to create something totally unique, from body and headstock shape to neck profile, finish options, scale length, pickup and control configuration, and everything else you could imagine.

Feel free to visit our Workshop page for more information on our tools and equipment, if that’s your thing!

Custom aftermarket builds

$ – Please call to discuss

If you want a bespoke guitar at a more affordable price, we recommend our Custom Aftermarket Build service.

Manufacturers like Warmoth, USACG, Musikraft and others are machining better bodies, necks and hardware than ever – most of which come pre-finished and ready to assemble straight from the factory.

We’ll help you choose the perfect combination of woods and parts, then we’ll put it all together and set it up for perfect playability.

Why pay thousands for a big-name custom shop guitar when for much less you can get a better instrument where you’ve chosen every last detail?


$80 per hour + GST, or as per free quote

Our professionally equipped luthier workshop has all the tools and machines to perform any kind of guitar body modification, from routing new pickup holes to remanufacturing out-of-production replacement parts.

For more information on the modifications we can perform, please see our Hardware and Electronics page.

Call us on 3392 3821 to discuss building the guitar of your dreams!