Thanks Mate. Also found the Kinman neck pickup crunches beautifully on overdriven channels.

Something I could never do with the N3’s


Guitar is awesome !! Thanks for a great Set Up.

Kind Regards.

Steve West.

Hey Ray. Yes Mate, the Bari is a dream to play! It has settled somewhat from the first day I took it home

and is now playing smoothly across the fretboard. I seem to be getting more volume out of the neck pickup

than before too ! Which is awesome ! Great job mate….. Georgio.

Hi Ray….. the Gretsch plays great and the strings are holding tune really well

Thanks for a great job. Greg

Dropped my bass off on Wednesday. Got it back on Friday. And it’s the best it’s ever sounded. Thank you!

Had my guitar fixed here! Awesome job done!!

I have bought many guitars from Ray and the boys at the Gabba shops in recent years. Recently acquired a lovely limited edition Taylor 4 series acoustic, a hand made custom Telecaster by Ray, the finish and quality is superb. A great sounding Maton 808. But my favourite of the moment is a 1984 red Fender Strat fitted with Kinman pups. It has a really great neck and sweet sound. It is one of the last from the old Fender factory. I just recently swapped the necks on two of my Telecasters and gave them to Ray for a professional set up. If you have any fixable problems with a guitar these guys can fix them. Highly recommended.

Absolutely awesome. Completely saved my arse. Did a fantastic job fixing my floyd rose so i can play this weekend. I owe you guys big time.

A big thank you to the staff at Guitar repair clinic, you guy’s recently restored a Peavey T40 bass that my kids dropped into you to be repaired. I have had this guitar for over 30 years and it means the world to me and I can’t tell you how it felt to get this handed to me on Christmas morning in perfect playing condition. Thank you Guitar Centre for the advice, help and honesty you gave my family in organizing this and thanks for the great workmanship. YOU GUY’S ROCK !!

Just had my 08′ Am Std Stratocaster re pickuped, frets recrowned and the action fixed and I can’t believe how much better this guitar sounds. Ray got the job done so quick and he has absolutely nailed everything. I’ll soon be getting a new classical from here and Dougie has been a huge help finding a lovely new instrument.

Really great spot, nuff said.