About Us

The Brisbane Guitar Repair Clinic

At the Brisbane Guitar Repair Clinic, we specialise in performing fast, precision guitar repair work, and pride ourselves on being able to do the difficult stuff that everyday guitar techs can’t.

Skill, experience and care are at the centre of everything we do, whether we’re restringing a budget guitar or restoring a vintage heirloom. Every guitar that comes into our workshop, whether old or new, is treated with the respect and reverence that it deserves.

We’re called a Clinic because that’s the way we do things: thoughtfully, accurately, carefully and caringly. Our number one aim is to get your guitar back to you in perfect health and with a new lease on life.

In a nutshell, we’re all about great service and excellence in workmanship, and about solving any problem as quickly and affordably as possible.

We also strongly believe in being upfront and honest. We are 100% transparent with our quotes and pricing, and will always let you know exactly what we’ve done or need to do. This way, you can make a completely informed decision before going ahead with any repair work.

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About our luthier, Raymond

The Brisbane Guitar Repair Clinic is owned and operated by our head luthier, Raymond.

A lifetime guitar lover, Ray started his working life in a mechanical engineering trade and moved to teaching trade subjects for the Queensland Department of Education.

When he got the chance to work under legendary pickup creator and master luthier Chris Kinman, Ray soon adapted his machining skills to the gorgeous curves attainable in woodworking and pinpoint precision of guitar manufacture and their componentry.

Ray was instrumental in the initial design and building of the prototype Kinman Blueprint Electric Guitar. Chris and Raymond went into production and created what has become a highly sought-after and prized instrument, and continued their success with the release of the Kinman Icon Series.

Both these guitars are now recognised as the pinnacle in boutique, handcrafted Australian guitars, and are known for their exceptional playability, attention to the finest details, and application of innovative and creative ideas.

After his tenure at Kinman, Ray left Australia to broaden his horizons, travel the world and spent much of his time in the UK and Europe, eventually returning to help service the repair needs Guitar Centre at the Gabba and their many customers.

Ray’s successors at Kinman included Chris Melville and Garry Albrecht, both of whom have since become renowned luthiers in their own right. To this day, Ray, Garry and Chris have maintained a level of mutual respect and admiration, and continue to refer clients to one another without hesitation.

A note from Ray

I take pride in my work and have always believed that the only way to operate is by striving for the highest quality of workmanship, and to deliver the best job possible.

When I step back at the completion of a repair or set up, I can say, “I did a great job there”, then I know my clients will be happy – this gives me the utmost in job satisfaction.

Even if the work is under a pick guard and the client may never see the quality of workmanship, I need to know that my workmanship is of the highest order. Just personal satisfaction and pride I suppose.

When I do something, it has to be perfect. If this means I have to work late into the night to get something just right, then so be it. If my customers expect excellence, I’ll do everything I can to give them excellence.